Traditions & Arts

Local cultures and traditions run deep.  Cultural nuances vary from one Central Asian country to another, if the mountains and deserts tend to form a central axis around which much of traditional life revolves. Many local customs come as a surprise and can transport you back in time to bygone eras. Understanding the local culture and traditions of an area get you closer to the places you travel.

Explore traditional rural workshops and charming villages, and learn about local know-how while discovering the rich historical heritage of Uzbekistan and other STANs. With our extensive network and expert guides, we customize and coordinate unique travel experiences around your distinct interests  and tailor an experience that will exceed your expectations.

It is not just the learning process of a traditional craft that attracts people to pottery, ceramics, wool spinning or other artisan skills. It is the people who share the knowledge and the place where they are rooted. Because traditional skills emanate from roots, a connection to land, a passion for sustainability and a handed down knowledge of cultural and natural heritage. All those things are what make the perfect traditional skills and crafts holidays.


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