Central Asia cross-country tours

Stretching from the Caspian Sea to the Siberian steppe, Central Asia is a vast and mysterious region, once very much at the heart of the ancient Silk Road. Made up of the five ‘Stans’ (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan), this is a land of blue-domed cities, soaring peaks and surreal desert plains. Central Asia is home to fabled cities, market bazaars and striking architecture. It conjures images of mystery and intrigue, and centuries-old traditions. Take a journey along the Silk Road, a trading route dating back to ancient civilisation.

Travel to Central Asia and see some of the worlds least visited countries! From Turkmenistan with its marble clad capital and flaming gas crater, to historical Uzbekistan, modern Kazakhstan and mountainous and scenic duo of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. This section list various tours that will take you through all the 'Stans', offering a fascinating glimpse at a beautiful part of the world most travellers miss. Stay at unique homestays, sleep in traditional yurts, discover the breathtaking mountain and desert scenery, enjoy ancient Silk Road cities and roam gorgeous buildings built centuries ago.

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are the places we long to explore, cities of fable, and landscapes of legend; where the pulse of ancient civilization provides the backdrop for recently independent nations. From soaring minarets, desert sands and wind-swept steppe, opulent silk and silver, intricate designs on ancient mosaics and carpets, and colors and exotic offerings in lively bazaars. Discover the fascinating historical and cultural transformations that have taken place from the Sogdian Empire to Islamic Caliphate, from Tamerlane to the Tsars, from Soviet rule to present-day independence.

Our outstanding guides will lead you to spiritual centers of Sufi, Buddhist and Zoroastrian origin, ancient petroglyphs and ruins, Islamic mehdressas and mosques, and through bazaars brimming with traditional and contemporary handicrafts and workshops. Meetings with historians, archaeologists, artisans and local families will enhance the experience, rounded out with traditional dance, music and cultural displays on our journey across Central Asia's Silk Road. Famously warm and welcoming, the people here have a genuine enthusiasm for hospitality. Getting to know the locals is one of the best things about travel in Central Asia.

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Best things about travel in Central Asia

Over 2,000 years ago, trading routes evolved between China and Europe, which became known as the Silk Road. Traversing pitiless deserts and awe-inspiring mountain ranges, merchants transported exotic goods from east to west. Later the exchange of new ideas, cultures and technologies would lead to the enrichment of communities across the globe. Great cities evolved along the route where the caravans would trade and refuel. Several of the most fabled were situated in Central Asia, specifically Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. 

Experience abundant ancient culture, intriguing relics, traditional Islamic architecture, friendly local people and stunning scenery; a journey through Central Asia will satisfy the most curious of travellers.

Journey through the heart of Central Asia crossing starkly beautiful deserts and magnificent mountain landscapes. Discover ancient cities full of intricate Islamic architecture, thriving bazaars and a mystical old-world atmosphere, all inextricably linked with the legends of the Silk Road.

The man-made structures of the region are fascinating to discover. Medieval sand-hued fortresses rise up from the desert, intricate mosaicked mosques and minarets adorn atmospheric cities, while in other parts ultra-bold modernist and Soviet architecture is the order of the day.

Silk Road romantics will be enthralled in Samarkand and Bukhara – the evocative caravan stops of yesteryear. While those looking for off-the-beaten-path travel will be delighted by the lack of other souls holidaying here – there’s just so much space! Get a little lost in a medieval bazaar, sit down for tea in a nomad’s yurt or stargaze to your heart’s content from a distant desert oasis.

Discover the culture, history and the present day life of the ancient Silk Road cities with the tours that we compiled with great care and attention. Make your own odyssey to the heart of the Silk Road. For something totally different, why not discover the remote romance, rich history and irrepressible charm of Central Asia.