Please fill in the form to get a letter of invitation. Most people need a letter of invitation from a tour company to be able to apply for a visa at the Uzbek embassy. Only a handful of countries do not need one (please check the relevant section on our site).

To apply for a letter of invitation please send us a request by filling the form below. The processing time is from 7 to 10 working days. Fast track processing is also available (4-5 working days) for an extra 10$, but be aware that the double consular fee will be charged at the embassy where you will apply. For more information about visa regime in Uzbekistan, types of visas and eligibility check the section here.

Our charges for visa invitation are 70$ for visa up to 15 days and 95$ for visa up to 30 days.

Consular fees range from $40 up to $160 per a single-entry visa, depending on the length of stay and citizenship. An extra fee of $10 is applied per each additional entry.