Driving in Uzbekistan requires to have a 3rd party insurance for the vehicle. Insurance is randomly asked by the traffic police officers in some regions of Uzbekistan, but foreign drivers usually cross the country without any problems even if they don't have one. But they do ask to produce insurance when you exit the country, so arranging an Uzbek insurance for your vehicle is a must.

One can purchase an insurance at any border crossing where there always would be some stall arranging insurance for foreign vehicles. But they are usually crowded, messy and the whole process might take you quite a long waiting time and lead to delays. You can easily avoid that by pre-arranging with us an insurance beforehand and collect it in Tashkent from our office (or we will deliver it to your hotel) or in any major city of Uzbekistan where you plan to stopover. This will save you quite a lot of time and nerves and make your driving experience in Uzbekistan hassle free. As most travelers heading to Uzbekistan have Tashkent in their itinerary, picking it up from here seems the most convenient way. If you are travelling from Kyrgyzstan and enter Ferghana valley first, it would be better to collect it from any major city here (Andijan, Namangan, Fergana, etc) as there are a lot of traffic police checkpoints in this region.

The cost of insurance itself is not expensive, in the region of $5-10 to be insured for 1 month slightly varying depending on the horsepower capacity of your engine. On top of that we will charge a small service fee of 10$ to cover our efforts.

To order insurance you will need to email us

  • copy of the driver's passport (photopage only)
  • copy of the vehicle owner's passport (photopage only) if different from above
  • copy of the driver's driving license
  • copy of the 'power of attorney' if driver is not owning the vehicle 

and provide the following information about the vehicle you need to insure:

  • Full name of the owner
  • Maker (BMW for example)
  • License Plate number 
  • Colour of the vehicle
  • Year of manufacture
  • Engine capacity (bhp)
  • Reg№ of chassis 
  • Reg№ of engine