Purchasing internal (domestic) airline tickets in Uzbekistan is a tricky undertaking, as in most cases it requires the passenger to be in-country and purchase in person by producing the travel document. The problem is that in high tourist season most of the flights are sold out and travelers face a situation when they have to revise they travel plans substantially. Keeping in mind that Uzbekistan has a strict visa regime and people are under tough time limits only adds to pressure.

There is no direct online booking with Uzbek Airways available. Some third party online ticketing services allow to purchase Uzbek domestic flights but the service is not totally reliable with many reports of invalid tickets, abnormal surcharges or other problems. To have piece of mind you can use the services of our travel agency that can make advance purchase against a small service fee. We will need a scan copy of your passport and the details of your planned travel. We will place a booking on your name, advice on a price and will buy out a ticket as soon as you make a payment. Keep in mind, that Uzbekistan Airways recognises a booking only for one day and price changes almost on a daily basis due to availability and the time of booking, that`s why it is better to buy same day as you received a quote as prices tend to rise the less free seats on a flight left.

To place a booking just fill in the form below and a member of our staff will be in touch soon with detailed information on available options and prices. They will be able to advise on best ways to travel through the country, where to connect or make changes. We manage lot of individual and group tours and have a vast experience in taking care of guests' travel arrangements.

Check Uzbek Airways domestic flights timetable to & from following destinations:

The flights schedule for all destinations across Uzbekistan you can download in one Excel file here.