Trekking tour in Chimgan

This three days trekking tour takes place in one of the most scenic mountain areas of Uzbekistan in Ugam Chatkal National Park located 100km to the north-east of Tashkent. Fascinating mountain landscape, availability of different trekking options and easy access makes this area popular trekking destinations among the guests visiting Uzbekistan. With lush green mountain valleys and crystal clear rivers, the area is also home for many mountain resorts and beloved place of Tashkent residents for their summer weekend holidays. The first day of our the trekking starts from Melovoy pass near Chimgan Resort and crossing in total 38km distance (5-7 hours trekking per day) in three days we complete the trek near the village of Shuldak in Aksakata valley to the northeast of Gazalkent. The itinerary is suitable for all participants who are in good and healthy shape.


Transfer by car from Tashkent to Chimgan Resort (98km / 1,5 – 2 hours). Start trekking from Melovoy (1796m) pass up to Takhta-Jaylov saddle (2000m). From the saddle descend to Marble River. After an excursion through the valley of Marble River, continue heading up towards Urta Kumbel pass (1850). Descend from Urta Kumbel to Beldersay valley. Camping in Beldersay valley.

Start second day by ascending from Beldersay valley via Chetkumbel pass (1800m) towards Kubmel pass (2550). On the way see the petroglyph site at 2400m height above sea level (highest point in three days trekking). From petroglyph site descend towards southwest to Nurekata valley and reach the camping area (1400m). Camping in Nurekata valley.

On third day we continue descending in Nurekata valley until reaching the junction of Nurekata and Aksakata rivers. From the junction continue towards the village of Shuldak (1050m). Meet by our driver in Shuldak and be transferred to Tashkent (84km/1,5 -2 hours).

Tour Highlights
  •   Stunning mountain views
  • —  Diverse flora and fauna of Ugam Chatkal National Park
  • —  Petroglyphs from Stone Age period
Itinerary program
Melovoy Pass – Beldersay Valley

In the morning transfer by car to the trek starting point – Melovoy pass near Chimgan Resort in Ugam Chatkal National Park (98km /1,5-2 hours). The national park is located in the Western Tien Shan Mountains and regarded as one of the most picturesque mountain areas in Central Asia.
Start trekking from Melovoy pass (1796m) up to Takhta Jaylov saddle (2000m), observe the stunning mountain landscape around and take pictures of panoramic mountain views from the top of saddle. From Takhta Jaylov you will then continue along the trail that descents to Marble River. Before ascending from Marble River valley to Urta Kumbel pass (1850) walk through the valley seeing on the way waterfall and canyon. After lunch continue heading up along the trail surrounded by numerous juniper trees to Urta Kumbel pass. Reach the top of the pass where the stunning views of Chirchik valley and Chetkumbel pass opens up. After a short rest on the top of the pass, descend to the Beldersay valley for our today’s camping area (1720m).

Highest Altitude 2000m
Camping altitude 1720m
Distance 8km, 4 hours, ascent 204m, descent 280m

Beldersay Valley – Nurekata valley

After breakfast we pack our things and continue trekking up from Beldersay valley generally to the south towards Chetkumbell (1800) pass that separates Beldersay and Nurekata valleys. From Chetkumbel view the scenic panorama of massive Chimgan peak (3309m). Carry on along the trail on the ridge line to the east towards Kumbel Pass (2550m). Before the major ascend on the way to the Kumbel pass the track turns sharp to the left and after short walk on the left hand side we will see petroglyph sites (2400m) from the late Stone Age period. This is the highest point of our three days trekking in the mountains of Ugam Chatkal National Park. The spot opens up panoramic views of Chatkal Range and Chirchik valley. From the petroglyph site we start descending to the south to scenic Nurekata valley. We will be camping in an open space along the river-bed of Nurekata (1400m).

Highest Altitude 2400m
Camping altitude 1400m
Distance 15km, 8 hours, ascent 680m, descent 1000m

Nurekata valley – Shuldak village

Today we continue descending along the valley of Nurekata river abundant with juniper, walnut and fruit trees until we reach the junction of Aksakata and Nurekata rivers. On the way we will see herds of sheep and horses in the mountain meadows. Occasionally one can see birds of prey flying high above the valley. Walking down through the valley we meet summer huts of nomadic shepherds where one can try Kymiz (fermented mares milk – the traditional drink of mountain people). Most of the shepherd families build their summer huts in the valley and stay there during hot summer months.
Once we reach the junction of two rivers we continue heading down for about 1 hour along the valley of Aksakata river crossing a small pass before reaching the ending point of our trek – Shuldak village (1000m). Arriving in Shuldak village we will be meet by our driver who transfers us to Tashkent (84km/1,5 -2 hours).

Highest Altitude 1400m
Distance 15km, 7 hours, ascent 300m, descent 400m

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tour themeTour theme: Adventure
tour durationDuration: 3 days
tour pathPath: Melovoy Pass – Beldersay valley – Nurekata valley – Shuldak village
tour difficultyDifficulty level: Hard
Price for tour package (for one person) in USD *
Price per person  
2-3 $
4 $350

* - meals are prepared by mountain guide

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Included services
  • Camping equipment (2 pax tents, bags, matrasses);
  • Transport service on comfortable tourist class vehicle (a certain type of vehicle is provided depending on the group size);
  • All meals during the trekking (incl. service men meals);
  • Gas stove, gas and tableware;
  • Mountain guide + assistant + porters;
  • Registration for the duration of the trekking;
  • First Aid Kit;
  • Trekking permits;
Not included services
  • Alcohol drinks;
  • Personal items;
  • Travel insurance.
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