Uzbek National House of Murod Mirzo guesthouse

Uzbek National House of Murod Mirzo is located in the oldest part of Tashkent city in Chorsu area. The Uzbek National House is a nice B&B type hotel based in a traditional Uzbek house. This is a family house for several generations of famous Uzbek merchant Mirzaboy. Nowadays the family of his grandson lives in this house and host guests.


The Uzbek national house is not far from Hazrat Imam Complex in an ancient residential area of Tashkent city – Sagban. Metro station is close to the hotel, it takes 5-7 minutes’ walk to get to the station. The National House is a perfect place to stay if you are interested to see how modern Uzbeks live in a traditional setting.


Nearby are famous Tashkent sights such as the Chorsu Bazaar, the National Theater, the National Park, the Uzbek Clothing Gallery, traditional communities, the Tomb of Kaffor Shoshiy, Barakxon and Ko'kaldosh Madrasa and other historical places. Also, nearby is the Museum where you can have a look at the Koran of Osman - famous Arab Caliph. According to the legend, some of the pages still contain blood of the Caliph who was slain while working on the book...The Manager of the hotel is a historian who can tell you many interesting stories from Uzbek history, architecture, about Tamerlane and glorious days in the past of this country. 

Accommodation at Uzbek National House

There are 12 large and small rooms which surround the inner courtyard. The rooms have been decorated in traditional style with lot of wood carving work done. In the summer time they organise a place in the inner yard where up to 10-15 people can lie down and relax in the evening breeze. 

Facilities of Uzbek National House

Hotel provides decent breakfast. They can organize tours through Tashkent city, show how to play traditional instruments and sing Uzbek songs, and arrange discussions about Uzbek traditions and other activities to make you more familiar with the Uzbek culture. 

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