Hotels in Termez

Termez is a city in southern Uzbekistan near the border with...

Akmal Kholis Hotel

Akmal Kholis Hotel 2
Price :  30$
City :  Termez

Отель Акмал Холис - малый частный отель, был построен...

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Meridian Hotel

Meridian Hotel 4
Price :  80$
City :  Термез

Enjoy luxury accommodation in Termez, one of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan with numerous Muslim and Buddha architectural and archaeological sites.

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Ulugbek Hotel

Ulugbek Hotel 3
Price :  35$
City :  Termez

Ulugbek Hotel is located in the administrative center...

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Asson hotel

"Asson"  hotel is located in the center of Termez city, on the contrary Dustlik Park, near the amphitheater and the Archaeological Museum.

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Silk Road Termez hotel

Architecture and interior design of Silk Road Termez hotel is stylish and tasteful.It is a charming and extensive complex.

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