Hotels in Nukus

City in western Uzbekistan, capital of the Karakalpakstan...

ARZ 16 Hotel

ARZ 16 Hotel 2
Price :  35$
City :  Нукус

ARZ 16 Hotel is a small two-storey hotel and located...

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Jipek Joli Hotel

Jipek Joli Hotel 2
Price :  45$
City :  Nukus

Literally, the translation of Jipek Joly means Silk Road...

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Kizilkum hotel

"Kyzyl-Kum" is a cozy and comfortable hotel. Among the hotels in Nukus "Kyzyl-Kum" hotel is famous with home comfort, cleanliness and friendliness of the staff.

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Rahnamo hotel

The modern comfortable RAHNAMO Hotel opened in 2010. It is located downtown Nukus close to the famous Karakalpakstan Local Lore Museum.

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