Beldersay Mountain Valley is one of the most picturesque places in the Chimgan Valley. In winter a ski slopes, more prolonged than Chimgan one, operates here. There are cableways that transport tourists to the slopes. On a picturesque hillside thick snow cover lasts from November to April. Beldersay is considered as a ski center of the world class. Tourists ski and snowboard here. From "Cumbel" ski slopes there is a great view of snowy peaks, green valleys and sparkling mountain streams.

Beldersay is interesting in any season. Clean mountain air, warm winters and relatively fresh summers, beautiful surroundings have make this place a wonderful place of active recreation and tourism.

The Complex “Beldersay Oromgohi” operates all over the year. In an area of about 40 hectares there is located a comfortable four-star hotel, that is equipped in accordance with European standards, and 16 cozy family cottages, which are all conditions for a good holiday. There are a conference hall, two swimming pools, sauna, tennis and badminton court within the complex.

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