Monuments in the Fergana Valley

Monuments of Kokand
Architectural complex Djami Mosque and Minaret (1814-1817) >>>
Architectural complex Dahman-Shakhon (early 19thc.) >>>
Palace of Khudoyar-khan, Architectural Complex (1863-70) >>>
Gishtlik Mosque (1913)
Kamol-Kazy Madrasseh (mid-19thc.)
Mulkabad Mosque (1913)
Miyen-Hazrat Madrasseh (late 18thc.)

Monuments of Rishtan
Djanahabad Mosque (1912)
Hadja llgar Mosque (early 20thc.)

Monuments of Margilan
Complex of pir Saddyk (the middle of the 18thc.)
Madrasseh of Said Ahmad Hadja (early 19thc.)
Toron bazar Mosque (late 19thc.)
Chakar (Sholdirma) Mosque (1911)
Mausoleum of Hadja Magiz (1st half of the 18thc.)

Monuments of Kuva
The ancient Settlement of Kuva (1st - 8thc.)   >>>
Home of Zainitdin-bey (late 19thc.)

Pansot Mosque (1903)
Gumbaz Madrasseh (1872)

Monuments of Andijan
Djami Complex: Djami Madrasseh, Mosque and Minaret (late 19thc.)
Home of Akhmadbek-hadja (the beginning of the 20thc.)
Bogiskamol (Babur museum)

Monuments of Markhamat
The ancient Settlement of Markhamat (3rd- 2ndc. BC - 9thc. AD) (Ming-Tepa)

Monuments of Namangan
The ancient settlement of Akhsykent (2nd-1stc. BC, 20 km West of Namangan, on the bank on the Syr-Darya River) >>>
Mullo Kyrgyz Madrasseh (early 20thc.)
Mosque of Ota Valikhan Tur (early 20thc.)
Mavlon-Buva Memorial Complex (early 19thc.)
Hadja Amin Kabri Architectural Complex (18thc.-19thc.)
Sirli Mosque (late 19thc.), a few km South of Namangan
Home of Yusup-bey hadja (early 20thc.)

Monuments of Chust
The ancient Settlement of Chust - Bronze Age
Architectural Complex of Lutfillo Mavluno (early 20thc.)

Monuments of Pap
The Ancient Settlement of Pap (1st c. BC- 1stc. AD, 7th c.- 8thc.)
Chadak Madrasseh and Mosque (19thc.)
Mausoleum of Boi-Khamadani (19thc.)

Monuments of Kasan district
The ancient Settlement of Kasan (2nd - 1stc. BC, 6thc. - 7th c. AD)

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