Monuments in Termez

Historical monuments of Termez and the Surkandarya region

    Kampir-Tepa fortress of the Greek Bactrian period (4thc.- 2thc. BC.)
    Old Termez Settlement - 18 km to the north of Termez.

Monuments of Buddhism:
Kara-Tepe Monastery (2nd - 4thc. AD.)
Fayaz-Tepe Monastery (1st - 3rdc. AD.)
Zurmala Tower (1st - 2ndc. AD.)

Monuments of Muslim culture:
Chor Sutun Mosque and Minaret (9thc. - 11thc.)
Kyrk-Kyz (Country Estate) (9thc. - 14tthc.)
Palace of the Termez rulers (11thc. - 12thc.)
Architectural Complex of Khakimi Termezi (10thc. - 15thc.)
Architectural Ensemble Sultan-Saodat (10thc. - 18thc.). (Cluster of family mausoleums of the Termez seids, along with cult buildings.)
Kokidora - Mausoleum - Khanaka (16thc.)

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