“We learn about the people not by their name but by their culture and through their spirituality. The decisive role in the spiritual rebirth of a nation, the admission of the population to cultural property belongs to museums” – the words of the president of Uzbekistan.
To date, in the country operates more than 90 governmental and more than 1,200 public museums. Republican fund "Uzbekmuzey" coordinates its work, which provides them with full support, by attracting academic institutions, prominent scientists and experts. Decree of the Head of State on January 12, 1998 on the radical improvement and upgrading of museums was an important factor in the revitalization in this area. In accordance with this decree the fund takes care of the use of valuable items in the work of young people to develop a sense of national pride, providing highly qualified museums.
As the chairman of the fund "Uzbekmuzey”, director of the Museum of Nature Mr. Zubaydullo Karimov noted, that the unique exhibits of the State Museum of History Temurids, the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan and others reflect the rich heritage of our nation, its role in the history of world civilization and progress, and express
idea of national independence. The history of our museum, with more than 130 years is rich and unique. - “Especially for International Museum Day, we timed the opening of a new display at the State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan, which now sits in a comfortable modern building” was noted by officials. - The museum consists of four divisions: Stock, environmental, natural-scientific and educational. Our main exposition will include 300 exhibits, and the funds - more than 300 thousand, which give a complete picture of the flora and fauna of Uzbekistan. Nature - the most amazing and beautiful, so the study will remain relevant at all times.