The Studiosus Gruppenreisen GmbH tour firm and AWO-Treff organization jointly with the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Germany organized the presentation of tourism potential of the country in the well-known Westphalia city of Münster, Shukhrat Umirov of the Information Agency “Jahon” in Germany reported.

The representatives of tour firms, organizations and mass media specialized in the sphere of tourism, as well as Münster city community and Federal land of North Rhine-Westphalia participated at the presentation.

The geographer and ethnographer Christopher Maler of Studiosus Gruppenreisen GmbH took a floor at the event. The German specialist has particularly noted the invaluable contribution of the cities of Uzbekistan – Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva to the world civilization by way of promoting development of trade and cultural exchanges between East and West. The residents of Münster carefully treat the architectural heritage of their city that pictorially blends with modern buildings.

According to the scholar, one of the main wealth of Uzbekistan that makes it different from other states of the region is an abundance and variety of architectural monuments the most of which secure a particular place in the world cultural heritage. This is a main factor that promotes development of tourism in Uzbekistan since many foreign tourists, especially the Europeans, are mostly attracted with these historical spots.

The demonstration of the film “Treasure of Uzbekistan” and exhibition of photos about Uzbekistan pictured by amateur photographer Jochen Bruke was also held in the framework of the presentation.

Jochen Bruke said that he visited Uzbekistan last year as a part of tourist group and was deeply impressed by diversity of nature and landscape, beauty of architectural monuments, as well as rich customs and traditions of the Uzbek people. According to him, all these impressions prompted him to make a photo-collection about Uzbekistan.