Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in France together with the general representation of NAC "Uzbekistan Airways" in Paris and travel agency «ASIA Voyages» held an introductory workshop for the French public with a view to promoting the tourism potential of our country. 


Participants of the seminar were presented a special program, which provides weekly trend in Uzbekistan, about three hundred French tourists in separate months of spring and summer periods of the year.


In the light of the Uzbek tourist industry on the French side took a direct part of the world's largest companies riteylerskih «Carrefour», which is also the first in Europe and the world's second largest operator of retail trade (after «Wal-Mart»). This company, owning more than 4000 stores across France, has enormous potential in disseminating information. Thus, through a specialized agency «Carrefour Voyages» in network hypermarkets and shops the selling of tours to Uzbekistan is organized. Every visitor entering the agency meets the announcement "Welcome to Uzbekistan, the pearl of the Orient! Journey along the Silk Road: Tashkent-Khiva-Bukhara-Samarkand ".


Separate page with the advertising of tourist product of Uzbekistan published in the New Directory «Carrefour», published hundreds of thousands of copies, as well as unveiled at the company's Web site. It contains detailed information about organized trip to Uzbekistan with information about the sights of the country.


Speaking at the seminar, the manager of  «ASIA Voyages» Pascaline Furo noted, "in Uzbekistan in recent years tourist infrastructure has changed dramatically, generated new areas of tourism, new hotels were built, renovated and landscaped ancient historical sites and opened new highways. And, not surprisingly, more than 4 thousand outstanding monuments of ancient architecture - palaces and fortresses, mausoleums and mosques, madrassas and minarets, are combined with modern architectural delights from one year to attract tourists from all over the world. "


The territory of modern Uzbekistan is located at the main crossroads of the Silk Road. In this connection, the symbolic, according to AP Furo is the fact that the current process of tourism development of modern Uzbekistan is carried out in collaboration with world-famous brand name «Carrefour», which in French means "crossroads".


According to J. Bardet, Uzbekistan obtaining the richest tourist potential, modern infrastructure and acknowledged hospitality of the people, has all chances to become one of the leaders of the Asian direction of outbound tourism from France