The national airline company of Uzbekistan plans to increase frequency of flights between the capitals of Uzbekistan and India up to seven per week. Representative of the national airline (NAC) "Uzbekistan Airways" (Air Line of Uzbekistan) in Delhi Atabek Atabaev told about this information. According to him, every year number of air travel from India to Uzbekistan is increasing. "If in 2010 the services of NAC in the direction of the Tashkent-Delhi-Tashkent benefited 16,895 passengers, during the eleven months of 2011 were carried by 25,871 people. An increasing number of lndian passengers using business-and first-class of "Uzbekistan Airways"- said Atabaev. He also said that currently the national airline of Uzbekistan has five flights a week between the two capitals.


"Load complete, ninety percent of passengers is tourists, which are supply and demand perspective. Therefore, we plan to increase flight frequency to "Uzbekistan Airways" up to seven per week. Today, there is also the rise of shipment"- concluded the representative of the Uzbek airline. For the first nine months of 2010, Uzbek airline carried 1.727 million passengers, up 7.7% over the same period last year. NAC aircraft made 18,054 flights, 246 flights of more than 9 months of 2010. Rates of and trucking, all NAC transported 36 tons of cargo with an increase of 5.2%.