For the first time at the international travel exchange ITB in Berlin, an extended tourism stand of Uzbekistan has been created.

Annual participation of Uzbekistan in the major world tourism forum in Berlin this year was distinguished by new initiatives. The stand with 100 square-meter area could hardly make put in the rich tourist potential of our country that united the interests of the tourism industry, O’zbekturizm and Uzbekistan Airways national companies.

Modern design of the stand with elements of national color attracts huge number of visitors. Special Eastern atmosphere of festivity was created by the play of sunray and doira Uzbek national musical instruments, performances of artists executing national songs and dances. Professional visitors and potential tourists from many foreign countries had the opportunity to get familiarized with not only the country’s tourism potential, but its art and hospitality where they tasted various eastern sweets, dried fruits and many other things from the Uzbek national cuisine.

The tourism industry of our country was represented in the event by 10 travel agencies, the number of which grows year by year. It illustrated the increasing interest in development of this sector.

According to tour operators, participation in the tourism exchange ITB in Berlin allow to keep in touch with the latest tendencies of the world tourism market, follow the development of tourism industry, to make new deals, as well as develop cooperation with foreign partners.

This year, classic tours on historical cities of Uzbekistan enjoy great demand. Samarqand, Bukhoro, Khiva are the world-known “pearls of the East” evoked interest in foreign guests from Germany, Holland and Turkey.

During the stay of the Uzbek delegation in Berlin the presentation of the tourism potential of our country was organized in the Embassy of Uzbekistan there. The organizers distributed advertising-informative materials, presented more popular dishes of the Uzbek cuisine, as well as concert program with participation of leading artists of Uzbekistan.