The most popular South Korean edition of «The Korea Post» published in its columns material the information on the socio-cultural life of our country. 

In the article "Uzbekistan holds in Khiva one of the largest international cultural festivals," provided the information about the third annual festival "Asrlar Sadosi" ("Echo of Centuries") holds in the historical complex of the ancient city of Khiva Yichang-Kala.

It emphasizes that during the festival "Echo of centuries", which is one of the major projects of the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan, foreign guests and citizens of Uzbekistan had the opportunity to meet a huge variety of interesting ideas, which made up its program. 

"The bright national costumes and fiery rhythms energized the event’s tourists and visitors which came from Austria, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Korea, Norway, Russia, USA, Turkey, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Japan. Ast the final chord of the Festival of Traditional Culture "Asrlar Sadosi" there was a gala concert at the palace COHN Arch. As a part of a gala concert organized by the project Dr. Gulnara Karimova and the Head of the UNESCO in Uzbekistan, Jorge Espinal awarded the winners of the Festival with diplomas and memorable prizes "- the author writes. 

- During the festival Khiva was the scene for the national Uzbek culture, bringing together all the best, bright, interesting. Khorezm "Echo of Centuries" will be in the souls and hearts of all people involved with the individuality and versatility of the traditions of Uzbekistan for the long time – said in article. 

In another sources of “Annual Festival of Children's Fashion in Tashkent» the reader's attention is drawn to the 5 th Annual Festival of Children's Fashion Bolajonlar -shirintoylar, which was held in Tashkent under the auspices of the Forum and the Association of Fashion Designers of Uzbekistan" Osie Ramzi. 

According to the author, the festival provided a good opportunity to obtain practical skills for young designers. Collections made in the national and sports-style clothing for pregnant women, the costumes in the style of "vanguard" composed a models’ defile. 

Festival of children's fashion is not confined to display children's fashion. Scientific-practical conference on "Improving the process of designing clothes", an exhibition of national toy competition of sketches - have all become integral parts of the event.